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The watchOS 8.3 upgrade may leave specific third-party chargers inoperable.

You may have upgraded your Apple Watch to version 8.3 of watchOS released a few days ago. The update brings its share of improvements to the Apple watch. At the same time also the update brings concerns about the charging function for the WatchOS

Since the upgrade to watchOS 8.3, several customers have experienced trouble charging their devices. In concrete terms, the watch recharges for a few seconds before stopping for no apparent reason.

Some owners of the new Apple Watch Series 7 who use a third-party charger are concerned. Users note that their Amazon 3-in-1 charger functioned well before the upgrade but became inoperable once the watch was updated to watchOS 8.3.

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On the other hand, other chargers do not seem to be showing indications of frailty. The emphasis seems to be on the most recent Apple watches, while previous models are not immune. It’s now impossible to decipher the link between watchOS 8.3 and the Apple Watch’s abrupt incompatibility with specific third-party chargers.

To fix the issue, you’ll have to wait until the next system update to see whether the problem is fixed or not

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