Android 12 Review: My Experience and Top features on the Nokia X20 5G device


Android, the Most used operating system in the world currently, it is reported that at least 13 billion smartphones as of 2021 run on all Google’s operating systems. In 2022 we already have the Android 12, accessible to many devices approved by their respective manufacturers.

Each year, Google brings a slew of new features in its latest OS. Personally, my Nokia X20 gadget received the upgrade last week just before 2022 knocked on our doors. Here is my experience with Android 12 so far. On the menu: a new interface, additional features, and an option making the very large screens of smartphones more practical to use with one hand.

Android 12 was first released by Google on October 19th, 2021. The Pixel smartphones were the first to see what Android 12 carries. Since then, various smartphone manufactures have been rolling the update on their smartphones in turns. Here are but a few that we have published on our platform.

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With that said, let us jump in and see what Android 12 has for us in store

New Android Interface(Material NEXT UI)

You will notice this once Android 12 is up and running on your smartphone. Its user interface (UI) is well structured. Once again, various smartphones brands are favored here, especially those used to add their overlay are free to take advantage of here. As for my Nokia X20 smartphone, Android 12 looks like.

As you can see, the graphics are very enticing to interact with, precisely its rounded and soft shapes make it more captivating. The interface elements, for example, the notifications panel, shortcuts pan, and the settings interface are inspired by the colors of the user’s screen to apply an opaque background that is a little bit consistent.

Another element that clicked with me is the new design for the volume or brightness adjustment bar

 Better integrated multitasking

This is another feature that makes Android 12 to become more interactive. This functionality will allow anyone to split the screen in two to display an application in the upper part of the screen and another on the lower part. Its usefulness is that it helps save a lot of smartphone resources like RAM and CPU. Here is how to activate the multitasking functionality on your Android 12 smartphone

  • Tap on the App switching icon
  • Press and hold the App icon that you want to spill
  • A list of options will be presented to you. Tap on the spilled screen option
  • Tap the App that you want to use in spilled screen mode
  • One-handed mode for large screens

The camera mimics your facial expressions

Another intriguing feature is the functionality that allows the smartphone’s selfie camera to scan predefined facial expressions and associate them with different actions. Opening your mouth will, for example, bring up the notifications panel, raise your eyebrows to access settings,  and Many more. You will have to try this by yourself to see how cool it can be

More Privacy Options

Each set of Android versions comes with completely new features related to stronger need or privacy control and protection. With Android 12, there is a lot to give. A colored icon in the status bar lets the user know that the mic, camera, or GPS is in use. This feature let you identify several applications that use smartphones features without your knowledge

The smart way of rotating your smartphone

This feature allows your smartphone screen to rotate based on your facial direction. I must admit that this feature is sometimes irritating and very useful in several ways; for example, if you use your phone in your bed, the interface will no longer be rotated automatically if you hold the screen in portrait mode.

Easy Wi-Fi access sharing

This is a long-awaited feature, and it finally arrives with Android 12. Thanks to Nearby Share, it is possible to share your Wi-Fi network password. By the way, the WI-FI password you are seeing is just for demonstration purposes. It doesn’t work!

Snooze notifications like no one’s business

Imagine that you received a WhatsApp message, but you don’t want to distract yourself just yet. By snoozing notification, it disappears from your notifications panel but will be presented to you in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours as a new notification. So you are no longer distracted by this notification, but you are sure not to miss out on a potentially important message.

That is my experience with Android 12 on My Nokia X20 5G so far, and Hey, let us interact in the comment section if you think I have missed out on some important features