Best Craps Strategy and Tactics for Winning on the Internet


If you are skeptical regarding any gambling strategy, particularly about craps, then you need to realize that all casinos possess a mathematical edge that players might find tough to overcome. These games need players’ change in mindset, and players’ goal remains to maximize their probabilities of emerging as winners and have lots of fun for their long-term gambling losses. Some strategies and tactics that can make you a winner of craps are:

Concentrate on a free odd bet

Every player looks forward to maximizing their opportunities of winning at craps, and for this, players must get money as free odds bet. Numerous casino bets having higher probabilities of winning pay off players at even money, and it means if they bet $100, they win $100.

However, with a free odds bet, players get better than even money. Here, the amount of payoff alters according to the total point. Based on the point, players might have 2 to 1 or 3 to 2 payout.

Always hunt for a casino that proposes higher free odds max. bet

Casinos are aware that a free odds bet possesses no edge; hence, they confine the amount of money players wager. This is symbolized as a multiple of players’ pass line bet. Always look for casinos that permit players to bet 100x on a free odds bet. The unmatched craps strategy is to get a lowermost house edge.

Use progressive betting systems in craps

In progressive betting systems, players raise the size of their bets when they lose on an earlier bet. In this instance, the ideal example is Martingale System. In the Martingale system, players double the size of their bets after their loss. And towards the finishing of the progression, they recoup their losses.

When you play with a confined bankroll, then you must utilize progressive betting systems. This will increase your free odds bets’ size when the game goes along. Though it is not a confirmed-to-win system, it is a thrilling way to bet.

How can you play craps?

Before you implement any tactic in craps, you must follow some guidelines. Some crucial points you need to consider are:

  • Research online for getting craps games – Casinos online feature many variations of craps, and before you commit any fund, you need to go through the rules well. This will affect your craps strategy.
  • Assess your bankroll – Every player must be highly realistic regarding various craps betting tactics they can apply in games. For instance, it is unlikely that high-stakes strategies will win with a lower bankroll.
  • Check for maximum or minimum bet limits – The bet limits affect the durability of craps’ strategies. A player must always judge his bankroll and remain prepared to withdraw when it does not cater to his gameplay.
  • Maintain a time limit – Players can become swayed away by the thrill they get at a craps table. For preventing themselves from losing on bad sessions, they must set a time limit.
  • Make bets several times – For assessing how a craps strategy works, players must bet many times. They must make this their habit whether they play at Online Casino Malaysia or any other site. Again, they must make bets that they can dare lose.