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Twitter Is Testing Out New Exciting Features For iOS Users

by Vanessa Waithera
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Twitter is testing out the company’s new features for its iOS app.

These features include a redesign of the search bar in the Home tab specifically for its iPhone app.

Twitter Announces New Features Including Search Bar in Home Tab

Most companies like to announce new features on their platform during the start of the year to either help make its usage easier for users or to add additional features. In connection with this, Twitter has announced some new features for users of its iOS apps.

According to the story by 9to5Mac, after an experimental new option to retweet a post with a certain video reaction, the social network is currently testing a search bar in its Home tab for users of its iPhone app.

Feature Currently Limited to the iOS Twitter App

As of press time, Twitter search is now just a dedicated tab and the reports on the new feature shows that the social networking platform is planning to change it.

In addition, as announced by the company through its own Twitter Support account, a number of users will now be able to see a search bar when they are browsing the Home tab of the iOS Twitter app.

Twitter notes that the new experience should actually make searching much easier and more intuitive for users as they will see the search bar right away when they open the app. Since the feature is currently being tested, it is only available to a fraction of users and it can easily be reverted back to the regular Search tab at any given time.

How to Try Out the Search Bar on the Home Tab

As of writing, it is still unclear which group of users have been selected to try out the new search tab. The best way for users to ensure that they get the new feature, however, is to get the latest version of the iOS Twitter app installed on their devices.

On a related note, according to Social Media Today, Twitter also announced changes regarding how the social network will show content coming from blocked users. According to the announcement, accounts, keywords, and even other content that users block will no longer appear in Explore, Twitter emails, or even suggestion notifications.

The Importance of New Competitive Features.

With apps becoming more and more simplified by getting rid of unnecessary features, positioning features could also be very beneficial since it allows users to save time and effort when accessing the features. To add, most apps have tried restructuring their platform throughout 2021 with a lot of them adding competitive features like Reels or YouTube Shorts.

With social media becoming more and more competitive, apps have started to invest more and more to make sure they are easy to use and navigate. Social media platforms have also provided features on par with their competitors.

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