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How to Establish a Secure Cloud Infrastructure?

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Cloud Storage has become quite common in recent years — it has saved many organizations from considerable investments in hardware, software, HR, and other critical elements of an enterprise.

Cloud infrastructure security

It offers a much cheaper and faster solution for data storage and access. As more and more business organizations and other institutions are adopting this as a primary storage space for their critical data, the security and vulnerability of these cloud services is a big question. For data protection from security breaches, hijacking, or malware, it is necessary to take up and follow particular measures, precautions, policies & technology. Cloud infrastructure security is a shared responsibility of both the user and the cloud service provider — to enable it, a few measures ensure a secured & encrypted connection between the cloud and the device.

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Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network, commonly known as a VPN, is one of the best ways to secure your cloud infrastructure across development and day-to-day operations. A VPN creates a virtual private network that people can access from different locations and devices without compromising security. A VPN for the protection of cloud infrastructure helps create a tunnel. At the same time, the data travels over the internet: VPN encrypts the data at the start of the gateway and then decrypts it at the end of it. In this way, the data remains completely safe and protects the cloud from any unauthorized access. Best VPNs have IPsec /SSTLS encryptions that encrypt the data in a complex form to be hard to decrypt during any sort of data breach. 

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This VPN comes in different packages that any organization can choose according to their needs. They are affordable and can also limit employees’ access to the data by assigning other VPNs to different levels of data stored on the cloud. 


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Cloud Workload Protection Platform protects the system from cyber-attacks, primarily if the organization uses multiple cloud services and has a comprehensive cloud computing infrastructure. It covers the system with micro-segmentation & bare-metal hypervisors. 


Cloud Access Security Brokers work between the consumer and the cloud service provider to protect the data transfer end-to-end. It works in three ways to secure data: the first is a proxy-like on-premise gateway, the second is a host-based agent, and the third approach is an API cloud-centric service. CASB offers visibility on access to the cloud and compliance with HIPAA, PCI, other compliance regimens, enabling threat protection and Data Security.


Zero Trust Network Access is a security model that assumes every user and device is unauthorized and offers strict authentication when accessing the server. It offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and also works on micro-segmentation. 


A VPN is the most reliable, affordable, and easy to acquire and run solution to keep cloud infrastructure secure among the various available options. It offers all the features from data protection to ease of access and gives access control over the data to different levels of an organization. 

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