The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro January Update: What’s new?


Google delighted a couple of Pixel lovers last year when the manufacturer treated them with the new Pixel 6 series of smartphones in October. For some, the journey with their respective Pixels 6 smartphones has been flawless while for some they discovered glitches among many issues that have been reported.

The manufacturer has been struggling to fix software issues, with an upgrade intended for December 2021 being postponed. But there’s good news today: a large update (dubbed “SQ1D.220105.007” and weighing in at little over 200 MB) is now available for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, among other devices.

The explanation is a little hazy, as Google just says that this update “fixes significant problems and enhances your device’s performance and stability.”Google provides further on its official forum, indicating that the problem with the screen unlocking after a missed call when no screen lock was configured has been resolved.

The American behemoth also claims to have resolved network issues, including the one that prevented an emergency call from being made.It’s worth noting that the update includes all of the fixes that were initially planned for the December 2021 update.

 It therefore resolves issues with the photo section, as well as the issue that prohibited the Pixel Stand configuration from being launched. Google is also believed to have improved the functionality of the fingerprint sensor, Wi-Fi, and autonomy, as well as allowing the Pixel 6 Pro to utilise the BMW Digital Car Key function. It remains to be seen if the latter will finally be able to provide a software section worthy of the Pixel 6’s name.