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Maintain Your Glasses In 7 Easy Ways

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While there are several problems that glasses wearers encounter daily, there is nothing more painful than letting go of your old glasses. Most people have to change glasses because of either the visibility reducing or the glasses breaking.

Taking proper care of your glasses can extend your glasses life and keep them brand new. Wondering how you can do that? We have got you covered. Below we have made a list of 7 ways you can maintain your prescription eyeglasses.

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Rinse before spraying

A common mistake that people make while cleaning their glasses is to rinse them with water first. No matter how frequently you are cleaning your glasses, if the method is not right, it won’t make a difference. So, before you spray a cleaning solution onto your glasses, rinse them with water.

Remember to not put your glasses directly under a tap. Instead, rinse your glasses with warm water gently. Rinsing is recommended to get the dirt off your glasses. Although a spray can be used for the same, it won’t be as effective as rinsing.

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Be careful with the spray you use

Do not spray your glasses with any spray that you find. This may cause your glasses to get further damaged. Your cleaning spray should never contain ammonia as it can strip the covering on your lens as well as the frame. Opt for a cleaning solution made specifically for glasses.

You can usually find these cleaning solutions at your glasses shop. You can even find these sprays online. As long as you remember to clean your glasses regularly with water and spray, you will be good!

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Choose the right cloth

Choosing the right is one of the most crucial steps of cleaning your glasses. You should not use anything besides a microfibre cloth to clean your lenses. Yes, you should not even use your t-shirt. A microfiber cloth is best suited for cleaning glasses as it is soft on the lenses.

On the other hand, paper towels, t-shirts, etc., can leave small scratches on your lens. Although you will not be able to see them at the beginning, your glasses will gradually get foggy because of them.

Store properly

Leaving your glasses anywhere puts them at the risk of breaking or bending. So, make sure you store your glasses properly. You should either store your glasses in the case they came in or a microfibre pouch. Also, keep your glasses in the case even while you are sleeping.

Most people keep their glasses at their side table or some other place. However, this can expose your glasses to bacteria. Moreover, that is not a safe place. Another thing to remember is to take your case with you wherever you go.

Avoid putting your glasses on your head

Most people do not know that keeping their glasses on their heads can be harmful. Why? This is because your glasses can catch bacteria from your head. Consequently, when you put your glasses on your eyes, you can get an eye infection. Since you would not want that, never put your glasses on your head.

Putting your glasses on your head also affects their shape, whether you have round glasses or square ones. It can widen your frame or loosen the ends, making it fall off your face when you look down. So, to maintain the fit of your eyeglasses, you should avoid putting your glasses on your head.

Keep the frame clean

Cleaning your glasses does not comprise just cleaning your lenses; you should also clean your frame. Make sure you rinse them and remove any dust that might be there. Also, cleaning your frame is important to keep bacteria off your glasses.

Get your glasses services

It is important to get your glasses serviced from time to time. For instance, if the frame has loosened up, you can get them tightened from your local shop. You can also get them a bit loosened up if they are too tight. Along with that, you can also get your glasses cleaned at your local shop.


Spending 5 minutes on your glasses daily can prevent premature damage. Moreover, it can help you escape the whole process of choosing new glasses. Make sure you follow these tips to both save your glasses and some extra bucks!

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