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These African esports players beat you in no time

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Esports, also known as electronic sports, are competitive or professional games played on electronic devices as video games. Players use computers and specific video game consoles like PS4 and Xbox to play the various video games. There are several games in the esports category. The esports market is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. The industry features a world of competitions, tournaments, and leagues.

Esports have become very popular in different parts of the world, including Africa. As esports grow in popularity in Africa, so does esports betting. There are numerous esports betting platforms to be found on that allow African gamblers to participate. Esports have become so popular in Africa that there are many talented and experienced esport players. Below are some top African esport players that would give you a run for your money:

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Detrony (Dimitri Hadjipaschali) from South Africa

Detrony is one of the best esport players in Africa. He is a 31-year-old counter-strike player based in South Africa. The talented player plays for the Bravado Gaming team and has earned more than thirty thousand dollars from as an esports player. Detrony has been an active esport player for about seven years and participated in ten events. He has won seven tourneys and finished at the runner-up position in two tournaments. This African esports player will beat you in no time.

Sonic (Aran Groesbeek) from South Africa

Sonic is a 23-year-old counter-strike player from South Africa. Like Detrony, Sonic also plays for the Bravado Gaming team. Sonic started playing esports as a teenager and has participated in about 56 events in the past nine years. From the 56 games, he won 31 tourneys and was a runner-up in six tournaments. He has also taken the third position thrice. Sonic has had a lot of success and experience in the esports sector. He has made several thousands of dollars (around 30 thousand) so far from esports. The 23-year-old is one of the top African esport players to look out for.

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Queen Arrow (Sylvia Gathoni) from Kenya

The Queen Arrow is a 22-year-old law student and pro-gamer. She is the first Kenyan female pro esports player. Queen Arrow’s area of expertise is the fighting game called Tekken 7. She got into the esports scene in 2018 and is the first female esports player in East African to get a global brand endorsement. Her participation in esports has been met with a lot of challenges because the sector is male dominated. However, the Queen Arrow is determined to prove herself and change the view in East Africa while making a name for Kenya in the esports sector. She is one of the African esport players that will give you a run for your money.

Beast (Brian Diang’a) from Kenya

Beast is one of the most celebrated Mortal Kombat players in Kenya and Africa at large. Born and raised in Kenya’s largest slum, Beast has found solace and purpose in esports. His love affair with gaming started at a young age. He honed his gaming skills by watching Youtube tutorials because he could not afford a gaming console of his own. He also watched and studied other esport players. In 2014, he entered his first local tournament and kicked off his career as an esports player. He has participated in more than a dozen tournaments and gained a reputation as the Beast. He is one of the African esport players that can beat you in no time.

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JT (Johnny Theodosious) from Sought Africa

JT is a South African CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) player earning thousands of dollars yearly. He has won 25 tournaments, finished as a runner-up in 15 tournaments, and reached the semis in 7 tourneys. The 22-year-old has played for around eight years and gamed a lot of experience. In 2018, JT participated in 24 official esport events and won eight first place medals, one second place, and two third place medals. He is one of the best esport players from Africa to watch out for.

Elusive form South Africa

This is a 28-year-old counter-strike player from South Africa. He currently plays for the Bravado Gaming team and has won close to thirty thousand dollars from esports. Elusive has a nine-year history in the esports sector and has participated in 60 competitions. He has one 31 of them and finished in second place in 7 tournaments. He also has 3 3rd place medals.

Kelvin from Ghana

Kelvin is the top-ranking FIFA player in Ghana. He has earned a thousand dollars from gaming and earned a reputation as the best player in the country. However, he is still quite an armature in the esports sector with a long way to go.

Final Word

The African esports players have done a great job putting Africa on the esports map. While the esport sector has taken off in Africa, there is still a long way to go. Elements like poor infrastructure or slow internet pose difficulties in the esports sector. However, there is an increasing interest in esports in different parts of Africa. The availability of a wide range of esports games is a chance for more players to dive into the industry

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