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7 Tips For Watching Movies In Virtual Reality

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Technology has grown and improved the way people watch movies. Gone are the days when movies are used to provide white background noise; instead, they now give an immersive experience with high-quality video and sound.

You can now enjoy watching movies in 3D at the comfort of your home as opposed to going to the movie theaters. By watching a movie in VR, you are getting new dimensions to your movie experience.

VR headsets are a requirement for enjoying movies in virtual reality, and they tend to vary widely in quality, with each type having different features that enable you to watch VR movies. As a beginner, watching movies in VR can be challenging, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro.

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Choose A Way Of Watching

There are different ways of watching a movie in 3D using a VR headset, and you’ll need to find what works for you. You can use an app with great features to stream a movie, such as Virtual Desktop.

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For instance, an app allows you to alter the screen’s distance from you, the screen’s background color, and lets you choose a suitable size for your screen.

Alternatively, you can connect your desktop to your phone by dropping the downloaded video from your computer onto your phone. Using your computer will not change your perspective even with movement around you.

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You can also stream from YouTube as it offers 3D videos, making it easy to know what you’ll enjoy.

People shooting on special camera wearing vr headset.

Find A Preferred Format

There are four different video formats you can be entertained by on your VR headset. You can opt for 2D, which may not have special VR features and will be the same as watching on a computer. This type of video isn’t recommended when using VR headsets as it won’t give you a different experience.

Alternatively, you can go for 180 or 360-degree videos that give you a chance to turn your head and be amused by your environment while using the VR set. These videos can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and other websites, and then used with your headset.

Most people prefer 3D videos, which can be obtained from Blu-ray with high visuals. Full virtual reality videos, which allow you to experience a fully 3D-rendered environment, may be one of the best options.

Take Breaks

As much as virtual reality offers an amazing experience, it can also challenge and strain the physical body. When you start watching, be prepared to have a feeling of unwellness, which may cause you to vomit.

When this happens, you should consider taking breaks between movies. It’s highly recommended to take ten to fifteen-minute breaks after thirty minutes of watching. Taking breaks between watching movies will also help with your vision.

Because you’ll be looking at a nearby screen that tells your eyes that some objects are far away, your vision may become distorted. You should also expect dizziness and disorientation if you don’t take breaks between scenes.

Sit Down

Although most people associate VR headsets with standing, sitting down when watching movies in virtual reality is highly advisable. Virtual reality can alter the brain’s ability to tell whether your body is in motion or not.

As a result, it may be hard to keep yourself grounded and may end up falling and hurting yourself. You should buy the right type of hardware for sitting down and one that won’t affect your experience.

Have A Clear Space Around You

Safety comes first in virtual reality, as you can get hurt if not careful. VR offers you a mind-blowing experience that may alter reality. You’ll have to approach VR differently as some headsets may not be user-friendly.

Avoid using VR outside as the ground may not be leveled. It can also be affected by bright sunlight, so using it inside may be the best choice. When watching virtual reality, you’ll want enough space between you and any object that might cause you to stumble and fall.

Be Ready For A Worst-Case Scenario

The chances of vomiting and feeling sick are very high when experiencing virtual reality for the first time. As a result, you should always have a bucket close by if motion sickness overpowers you.

Bottom Line

Before beginning your virtual reality journey, do your research and find a VR headset that works for you. Take into account the quality of videos you want and how you want to enjoy them. When getting the headsets, settle on hardware that can be used for a long time.

In addition, take your time and build on your experience. You can begin watching shorter movies until you are comfortable with the motion sickness that comes with it.



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