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The MPESA Super App Now Allows You To Call A Taxi

by Vanessa Waithera
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The MPESA Super App now allows you to call a taxi.

Safaricom has announced partnerships with Little and Makao, allowing M-PESA customers to use both firms’ services through the M-PESA Super App rather than downloading separate applications.

Customers may use the Little M-PESA Mini App to hire cabs, bodabodas, and restaurants, among other things. The Makao M-PESA Mini App may also be used to book short-term lodging and holiday cottages anywhere in the country using the M-PESA App.

From the MPESA App, you can now call a taxi and book a vacation.

As part of the launch, customers who download the Little M-PESA Mini App will receive KSh. 300 off their first two trips for the following month. Customers who book lodgings for the next month using the Makao M-PESA Mini App will save 15%, and the first ten customers who book rentals in Mombasa will enjoy complimentary yacht rides.

The M-PESA Super App now contains a total of 25 apps with the inclusion of the two M-PESA Mini Apps. Among the M-PESA Mini Apps are the SGR Mini App, airline booking Mini App, NSSF Mini App, M-Tiba Mini App, and GiftPesa Mini App for supermarkets and other retail gift cards.

Safaricom hopes to partner with over a hundred businesses and organizations to provide their services and goods as M-PESA Super App apps. All county services across the country, other government agencies, eCitizen, stores, and restaurants are among them.

Peter Ndegwa, CEO – Safaricom said.

“For 15 years, M-PESA has connected millions of customers to opportunities through a wide range of financial services. Our next evolution focuses on enabling businesses to grow and scale through solutions such as the M-PESA Super App which empowers businesses to reach our more than 30 million customers through digital storefronts in the form of M-PESA Mini Apps.” 

Since its launch in June 2021, the M-PESA Super App has been downloaded over 5 million times.

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