Mercedes EQS SUV Teased, Full Debut on April 19th


Mercedes Benz EQS sedan has been around for a while, now the automaker is teasing its SUV version. The first teaser image brings with it the date for the world debut, April 19th.

EQS SUV render image

Having the EQS name means the SUV will share many features with the similarly named sedan including the design and using an electric powertrain. However, the SUV will be more spacious cabin and have higher ground clearance. Being an SUV, it should be able to handle itself in less than ideal roads so Mercedes Benz created an intelligent off-road driving mode to “ensure a wide range of possible uses.” This will be made possible by the 4MATIC all wheel drive system.

The Mercedes Benz EQS sedan

No exact specifications were given apart from the fact that it is fully electric, however, it was confirmed that it will be capable of 373 miles (600km) of range on a single charge, however, this will depend on the configuration and driving manner. Also confirmed was a version of the EQS SUV that will be under the ultra-luxury Maybach brand which will have a more posh cabin and design.

Preceding today’s teaser, Mercedes-Benz had shared photos of the EQS SUV interior. It features a massive, 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen which incorporates three displays into one continuous piece. The 12.3-inch OLED display in front of the passenger will stream videos while the SUV is moving. To prevent distracting the driver, passengers will be required to wear headphones in order to stream video. In addition, the car will dim the passenger screen if it notices the driver trying to look at it, this will be made possible by the driver monitoring system which tracks their eyes.

Other standout interior features include a Dolby Atmos sound system and the company’s air purification system, which receives a new scent called No.6 MOOD Mimosa.

The SUV interior shown have three seating rows which can accommodate 7 people. Mercedes claimed the SUV can fit up to four golf bags. 

All the claims will be confirmed on April 19 when Mercedes plans to debut the EQS SUV.