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Is it effective to Install a Solar Battery to your Solar Panel System?

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If only you weren’t dependent on the huge energy firms at all, wouldn’t be that nice? It is possible that in the near future, thanks to technological advancements, households may be able to operate without the need of the power grid and become entirely self-sufficient.

Once they have their photovoltaic self-consumption system up and running, many customers want to go one step further and add solar batteries in order to maximise their output. That’s when they realise that solar inverters are not compatible with any kind or brand of battery.

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That’s why here we always recommend that when you’re looking at different options for your self-consumption installation, you ask what future expansion possibilities you have: the solar panel, batteries, etc…, and that you take this into consideration both when choosing and comparing between different budgets…

Choosing a Solar Battery

Choosing an inverter that is compatible with the addition of solar batteries, even if you don’t plan to use them right now, is critical whether you currently have a self-consumption system in place or are just thinking about getting one.

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If you want to use solar panels and batteries to power your home, we encourage you to check out the best solar battery provider Loom Solar. The batteries and inverters they manufacture use are carefully chosen for their compatibility with each other. As a result, Loom Solar encourages you to read and learn all you need to know about picking the right solar battery for your setup.

With that said, let’s get to the point and see what you need to know to choose a solar battery that is compatible with each kind of inverter from the major photovoltaic market names right away.

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In some ways, you’re betting on certain battery manufacturers when you choose an inverter brand. Batteries with and without an emergency backup function. Some batteries feature a backup or emergency function, whereas others don’t.

In the event of a power outage, the emergency feature keeps your system running. If there is no backup and the network fails, the system would likewise fail. Option B, which incorporates an emergency function, seems to be the most intriguing choice in this context.

Are batteries important for my solar system?

No, you don’t need it. Self-consumption facilities that are linked to the grid do not require battery systems since they can draw power whenever they need it. However, even if you don’t need one, installing a solar lithium battery system may provide a number of extra benefits.

You may store solar panel electricity in batteries so that you can use it at night or power outage regardless of whether your system is generating power at the time (for example during the nights to make dinner).

This improves the efficiency of solar energy generation, and although the installation costs will be higher, the long-term economic benefits will be larger, which is particularly intriguing given the current trend of steadily rising power prices.

If you’re planning to use solar batteries, it’s critical to factor in the inverter’s expansion capacity when making your purchase. As a result, if you ever decide to do so, you won’t have to change your installation.

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