Home Tech KPC Launch its Fibre Optic Cable to Boost Data delivery. 

KPC Launch its Fibre Optic Cable to Boost Data delivery. 

by Yvone Kendi
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Nairobi, Thursday, April 7,2022-Kenya Pipeline Company launched its Fibre Optic Cable, in support of the Government’s agenda of ‘Internet Mashinani’.

Data will be transported from Mombasa through Nairobi to Western Kenya using the fiber optic cable. KPC will charge $22 per kilometer per fibre core with installation fees attracting a one-off charge of $200 per site. Rack space co-location charges shall cost $850 per cabinet yearly in addition to a one-off installation charge of $3,900 per cabinet. The Cable will be secure and closely guarded against fibre cuts because it will run next to the oil pipeline.

“We are re-affirming our unequivocal commitment to revolutionizing the delivery of data across the country. If the pipeline was a promising idea, then data is an even smarter idea,” stated the Managing Director, Dr.Macharia Irungu.

KPC is a critical infrastructure that is the backbone of the economy since 1978. The company fuels the economies of Kenya and the neighboring countries in east and central Africa. Over the years, KPC has established an elaborate infrastructure and solid corporate governance systems that have enabled the company to realize its goals.KPC remains one of the strongest, autonomous, profitable entities able to finance its operations.

“The Oil Marketing Companies are our customers while for the FOC, our customers are telecommunications companies(telcos) and Internet Service Providers(ISPs). So as OMCs offtake petroleum products from our depots and cover the last mile to the consumer, so do telcos and ISPs with data and internet carriage,” explained Dr. Macharia Irungu.

According to KPC, the launch is important in improving the internal communication infrastructure for the country, diversifying into the data communication sector to create a new revenue stream, and utilizing technology as a business driver for KPC and its customers.

The ICT CS Joe Mucheru calls out other companies like Kenya power and Ketraco who have the ‘right of way’ to launch such an initiative to improve the country’s infrastructure.

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