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YouTube Aware of the Problems Experienced Worldwide.

YouTube reported today that the service is experiencing several issues that are affecting users all over the world. After multiple users reported error warnings when trying to watch videos or noted that certain site features were unavailable — such as the sidebar navigation or the Setting menus.

Some users reported being unable to sign in or switch between profiles on YouTube. Others claimed they couldn’t get YouTube to cast on their TV or on their game console.
When attempting to play videos, some users received an error message stating “No Internet Connection” despite having no other connectivity issues.

“Getting reports from around the that some of you are having trouble with certain features across YouTube services (e.g. logging in, switching accounts & using the navigation bar) – we’re aware & working on a fix,” youtube tweeted in a tweet.

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Users may be unable to navigate YouTube Studio or stream from its live TV service, YouTube TV, due to the issues, according to the company’s Twitter account. Users who attempted to watch YouTube TV via Chromecast and Google TV reported getting logged out and unable to re-login, for example.

Users who reported that their subscriptions and videos had vanished received a response from YouTube’s Twitter account.

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YouTube isn’t completely down, and users aren’t having the same problems. However, if you’re encountering problems with YouTube or its apps today, this is most likely the cause.

YouTube has not officially stated what is causing the issue with its services, although these kinds of semi-outages are frequently caused by underlying technologies, such as cloud services.

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