Google’s Pixel 7 is on the move, but no hardware upgrade for specific segments


Many Pixel smartphone lovers may be disappointed when Google releases its next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 7. The latest rumors on the web point out that the Pixel 7 would just recycle the camera hardware from the Pixel 6, the 50-megapixel Isocell GN1.

At least there will be a new in-house processor to succeed the Google tensor chipset dubbed GS201. This new processor would allow for unique software enhancements for the shots taken.

The Pixel 7  series of smartphones, according to Yogesh Brar, will not revisit the photographic sensors of the Pixel 6 generation. It should also be noted that the current Pixel flagships camera upgrade has been significant in the history of Pixel smartphones. Thus it would be challenging for the manufacturer to convey substantial changes this year, at least for the camera department.

In other words, the Pixel 7   should adopt a 50-megapixel primary sensor, as mentioned previously, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor. Like the Pixel 6 Pro, the Pro version would sport a 48-megapixel telephoto lens.

As information from leaks becomes available, the Pixel 7 will be pretty similar to the Pixel 6. The biggest unknown is the device’s new and enhanced GS201 CPU, which will boost the device’s power and overall autonomy. It will be linked to a Samsung Exynos 5300 modem.

It should also be noted that there will also be no significant changes in other areas. The Pixel 7 display will be slightly smaller than its predecessor, measuring 6.3 inches instead of 6.4 inches. The pro variant will retain the 6.7-inch display as the Pixel 6 pro.

The Pixel 7 might be released sooner than anticipated since Google has pushed back the release of its new phones by a few weeks. As a result, neither model will be released in October 2022, as was the situation with the Pixel 6.

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