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How to unblock Streaming Services like Spotify, Netflix, etc. using a VPN

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The market share of virtual private networks( VPNs) is saturated, with each of them providing different functionalities. Behind the scenes, however, their sole purpose is to ensure that they provide secure information mainly on the web by encrypting your IP address.

With the advent of technologies, several web challenges prove the usefulness of using a VPN. Some VPNs tend to solve some problems caused by the rise of video-on-demand services, specifically with issues related to geographical restrictions. That’s why a person in region A can view content not available in that particular place with the help of VPNs.

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The VPNs will replace the original IP address of region A with that of a VPN server located in the desired region. The inner mechanics of some services sometimes can be very different to navigate through as some services can easily detect and block connections that pass through a VPN. Only a handful of VPN providers today manage to bypass the geographical restrictions of these services without being spotted. Proton VPN is one of them

What is Proton VPN

Launched in 2017, ProtonVPN is one of the best Virtual Proton networks that should be on your radar as of the writing of this article. The service’s primary area of focus is providing a high level of security and privacy. Still, you can use the service to unlock geographical restrictions of popular streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, etc

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The service offers a free plan, but the most valuable features are available on the “Plus” or “Visionary” subscription. The only downfall of the free plan is that many SVOD platforms can detect the VPN. The Prices is as follows:

  • Free: 0€ /month
  • Basic:4€ /mo Billed at 48 € yearly.
  • Plus:8€ /mo Billed at 96 € yearly.
  • Visionary:24€ /mo Billed at 288 € yearly.

To get started with Proton VPN, you will have to visit the website via and register an account with the platform. Its ecosystem provides more than 1,680 servers in 63 countries which you will be prompted t select or leave for the medium to choose the best servers available. Proton VPN is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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How to ByPass a region

Once you have an active account up and running, open the platform you want to access the copyrighted content Netflix, for example. Automatically, the VPN will assign you a unique address, and you are good to go. If things do not appear normal, you can Restart the ProtonVPN app and reconnect the VPN>>Clear the Internet browser’s cache>>Using a different Internet browser and Restart your gadget.

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