Twitter is working on a status feature codenamed “vibe”


Twitter is reportedly working on a “set a status” feature that will appear just above the Twitter composer. the feature will be codenamed Vibe.

In a tweet by a famous blogger, reverse Engineer and App researcher Jane Manchun Wong shows the vibe will work similarly to Instagram threads apps status

Screenshots shared by blogger Jane Wong show a “Set a status” field above the tweet composer box. It also shows a dropdown list that has five pre-set vibes, including driving on the highway, shopping grocery, lurking on Twitter, eating yummy ramen and studying for the final exam. ” It’s unclear if statuses will be limited to presets or if users will be able to add custom updates beyond what Twitter creates. The custom status will definitely make it more fun.

Here’s a preview of the status


WhatsApp has a similar option the “about me “feature that allows you to set custom messages of about 140 characters that let you set your mood, and activity or share details about yourself. A close comparison is Facebook’s “Feelings ” conjoined to posts.

We are not sure if Vibes will be on a per-tweet basis with each post having its own, or on a profile level with the status appearing on tweets and on the profile view or much less wait how it unfolds. Already, Twitter users while attending conferences or live-tweeting from an event often change their display name to indicate what they’re doing which Twitter might pick up with that.

Left: [Set a status] UI showing on the top of Tweet Composer

Right:  With that UI expanded, showing a selector of a few predefined statuses: “What are you doing?”:

1. Eating yummy ramen
2. Driving highway
3. Shopping grocery
4. Lurking Twitter
5. Studying for the final exam