Apple’s services now have 825 million users, a new high!


The impacts of the health crisis and the semiconductor scarcity are felt differently by different people. This is the situation with Apple, which brags about its record revenue, but not that. Tim Cook’s approach to the company’s services paid off, as the number of members climbed dramatically in only one year.

Apple has a clean bill of health. Despite the supply shortages that afflict practically every industry, the Cupertino company reported a record first-quarter turnover of $ 97.2 billion in 2022, an increase of almost 9% over the previous year. Its robust health is reflected in its net income, which increased by 8% to $ 56.9 billion.

However, another division of the company is thriving: services. This area alone is worth $ 19.8 billion, and it is at the core of Apple’s plan to overcome the problems of the present economic environment. The company boasts that it now has 825 million paying members across all its services due to this 17 percent raise.

Another historical milestone for the corporation was gaining 165 million new members in a year. This conclusion is bolstered by the recent debuts of Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+, which have proven to be successful. However, the American behemoth did not specify which services were the most popular.