PUK code: What is it, how to use it as Unlock Key PIN, and how do you regain it?

Sim lock

You cannot sign in to your relevant SIM card or the SIM operator’s network. The PUK code is a good place to start. This post goes over everything you need to know about your SIM PUK.

Earlier Today, my Niece was Playing with my smartphone, and during that process, she managed to switch it off. To make matters worse, she managed to input a very different SIM card PIN. That was a complete catastrophe since the SIM was completely locked out of any operator service. Fortunately, I had my SIM registration data with me. Therefore, I utilized my SIM PUK code to free myself from this awful position. If you find yourself in this predicament, this article will show you how to take the required actions to get yourself out of it.

The PUK code is a second method of user authentication that may be thought of as security that complements the PIN code. This prevents access to the network if the phone is lost or stolen. However, keep in mind that this does not safeguard access to the phone, which is easily accessible if it isn’t protected by further authentication. The PUK code, which stands for PIN unlock key, consists of eight numbers that must be typed straight into his phone when he wants it.

What is the PUK code, and how do I receive it?

There are many options for obtaining his PUK code. It’s commonly linked to the IMEI number issued by your service provider. It’s only natural that it’s written on the piece of plastic that comes with the SIM card. It’s also in your cellphone contract, which you got when you signed up for the plan.

You can also opt to give a call to your Mobile Operator or visit any Customer care shop to get assisted. The latter may ask you to provide your identification details, such as a National identity card, to prove your identity or to ascertain whether you are the lines.

 This list contains the phone numbers of the various customer care operators in the country includes.

  • Safaricom Customer care: 0722000000
  • Telekom Customer care: 100
  • Airtel Customer care: 0733 100 100
  • Faiba JTL Customer care: 020 8405 377