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240W USB-C cables are now available, all requirements are met

by Joseph Richard
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How about 240 watts? In theory, having such power might make you fantasize. We’re thinking of a quicker charging time for your smartphone or tablet, but the whole ecosystem isn’t ready yet. The cable can withstand up to 240 Watts and data speeds of 40 Gbps.

Club3D, the 240 Watts cable manufacturer, is happy to tout its technological expertise by manufacturing the cables claiming they are certified for these values. However, we can note that nothing else is available if they fulfill the 2.1 certifications of the new USB-C cables and connectors and the 3.1 USB power requirements.

 First and foremost, the CAC-1573 is a two-way USB2 Type-C cable with a throughput of 480 Mbps and power consumption of 240 W. He stands at 2 meters. There are two USB4 cords next to it. The CAC-1575 is a Type-C USB4 Gen2x2 device. It’s bi-directional, but it can handle 4K streams at 60 Hz, data at 20 Gbps, and 240 W of electricity. It stands at the height of 2 meters.

Finally, the CAC-1576 is a one-meter cable, but it is USB4 Gen3x2 Type-C. Still bidirectional, it can transmit up to 40 Gbps of data or 8K streams At 60 Hz, with the maximum power remaining constant at 240 W.

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