The Surface Duo receives unofficial invitation from Windows 11


It is possible to install windows 11 on the ¬†Surface Duo. The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s folding smartphone designed to run on Android. It’s not very practical to run windows OS since there are still many bugs and doesn’t do much good in absolute terms. Read the article to find out more

Windows 11 installation on Surface Duo was proved by Gustave Monce, a French developer. The interested party is particularly involved in the Lumia WOA project, which allows the Lumia 950 and 950 XL to run Windows 10 or 11.

A few months ago, the Frenchman attempted to run Windows 11 in dual-boot mode on the Surface Duo, but the lack of certain functionalities hampered the initial effort. Consequently, on the first generation of Surface Duos, Windows 11 was installed cleanly without any compromise.

Although the experience is described as a bit quirky, it still allows for the necessities, such as the arrangement of the windows, which is made simpler owing to the Snap feature, and access to the alerts panel. The Surface Duo also supports viewing Windows 11 tasks and adding various desktops.

The Surface Duo’s dual displays are also well supported by Windows 11, allowing it to be used for multitasking. However, whether the craft’s cameras can be utilized with Windows through the camera software is uncertain.

It’s also worth noting that touch controls aren’t supported, so you’ll have to use a Bluetooth mouse to operate the gadget. Enough to put a damper on the prospect of such an installation, at least for now.

If you have a first-generation Surface Duo 128 or 256 GB, you can still test out Windows 11 on your own. Be careful to first make sure that you have backed up your files. The files for installation are already provided on Github.