After 53 years, the Hilton Hotel Nairobi will close its doors in December.


In December, the Hilton Hotel, which has 287 rooms, 45 twins, 185 doubles, seven suites, 22 pool rooms, and 27 executive rooms, will close for good.

The hotel’s spokesperson confirmed that the facility will close in December, citing various factors other than the pandemic as the reason for the decision.

“Following extensive discussions with the hotel ownership, Hilton Nairobi will close its doors for the last time on 31st December 2022 and cease operations, Covid-19 created unprecedented challenges for our industry. However, the decision to cease operations is not directly connected to the pandemic,” According to The Business Daily, he said.

The management acknowledged the shutdown’s consequences, including layoffs, but stated that the impacted employees will be divided around Hilton hotels in Nairobi.

The hotel, which was founded in 1969 and officially opened by President Jomo Kenyatta, is one of several luxury hotels that have closed in the last two years, owing to the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic, among other things.

The impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic forced the Intercontinental Hotel, Laico Regency, and Radisson Blu in Nairobi’s Upper Hill to close their doors.

The government, which owns a significant stake in most of the luxury hotels, has also cut funds, putting the hotels’ operations in jeopardy.

The Hilton management expressed gratitude to all of its guests over the previous 50 years and expressed pride in the hotel’s legacy in the hospitality industry.

“The hotel has welcomed guests for more than 50 years. We are proud of the legacy of hospitality delivered and would like to thank all those who have contributed,” The hotel took notice.