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Shopify acquires Deliverr for $2.1bn

by Val Lukhanyu
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Shopify has acquired  Deliverr, a leading fulfilment technology provider, for $2.1bn. The partnership which marks Shopify’s largest acquisition history is set to remove supply chain complexity for merchants of all sizes, on and off Shopify, democratizing access to end-to-end logistics for independent brands for the first time.

With the addition of Deliverr’s world-class software, talent, data, and scale, SFN aims to become the most robust end-to-end logistics platform that gives merchants greater control of their inventory across all sales channels. Together, SFN and Deliverr will handle all of the hard stuff so merchants can focus on running their business and delighting customers.

“Our technology and expertise in inventory management, inventory placement, and demand chain combine perfectly with Shopify’s roadmap, enabling us to now build an end-to-end logistics platform together,” said Harish Abbott, co-founder and CEO of Deliverr. “Shopify has been building the future of merchant-first fulfilment solutions, and our team has a track record of helping businesses of all sizes streamline their operations. We’re excited to join Shopify in their mission to make commerce better for everyone while democratizing shipping and fulfilment for independent entrepreneurs.”

Fast, reliable shipping is now table-stakes and Shopify is doubling down on logistics to help merchants adapt and thrive in the face of these changes. Merchants will get simplified multichannel inventory management with a single place for merchants to ship their inventory for different sales channels, they will also get demand-driven inventory placement that predicts where customer orders are likely to come from and positions inventory near that demand, so orders can be fulfilled from the closest possible location.

Shopify merchants will also get reliable two-day and next-day delivery from coast to coast with an expanded network of warehouse partners, carriers, and last-mile partners so that merchants always get the best service possible, no matter where they’re shipping to across the U.S and finally flexible, independent logistics services that can be mixed and matched based on merchants’ unique needs as they scale their businesses.

 This includes new services for storage, freight, inventory preparation, and returns, which will be available to merchants whether or not they use SFN for fulfilment.

When shopping online for their favourite brands, consumers will see a new badge on products they browse dubbed  Shop Promise. Merchants using SFN or Deliverr will have access to Shop Promise, a new benefit in early access that displays two-day and next-day delivery promises on merchants’ online stores and other channels

Ultimately, by combining our strengths with Deliverr’s, SFN will offer merchants a one-stop-shop for their logistics needs, from initial receipt of inventory to smart distribution through fast delivery and easy returns. We plan to integrate Deliverr with SFN’s direct-to-consumer fulfilment operations and 6 River Systems’ leading warehouse automation technology.

Shopify is also backing on its full set of turnkey solutions to connect through Deliverr’s network technology, as well as Shopify’s embedded software and robotics inside both Shopify and partner-operated warehouses to build a fast and reliable fulfilment offering that gives independent merchants of all sizes the ability to meet customer expectations quickly and affordably.

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