Android TV 13’s first beta is now available


Many of Android 13‘s secrets have already been disclosed in the smartphone and tablet versions. The TV version of the operating system, on the other hand, is designed to be light on information. However, the first beta of Android TV 13 has now come, looking at the operating system.

As with every year, a new version of the Android operating system will be released to replace Android 12. And more specifically, Google has officially released the first beta of Android TV 13!

As on Twitter, the Android Tv can be seen with many capabilities offered by the current version of  Android 13(Upcoming). It should also be mentioned that this initial beta of Android TV 13 is only available to individuals who have an ADT-3 TV dongle or who utilize the Android TV emulator from Android Studio.

This initial beta version of Android TV 13 provides a very comparable experience to Android 12. However, the Mountain View company has previously said that Android TV 13 will have several new capabilities. An enhanced Picture-in-Picture mode, support for Fast, and a more comprehensive sleep mode, which would reduce power usage by preventing network access to programs, are among them.

While we wait for Google to take the stage and disclose more about Android TV 13 at I/O2022, which will take place very soon, the mobile version of Android 13 has already shown some impending improvements inside the operating system.