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iOS 16: What is newly come this fall

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Yesterday, Apple kicked off its annual developer conference(WWDC), which will run on June 10th. Several software updates were released, and one of them was the development of the iOS 16. This new version of iOS introduces a plethora of new features, including a complete redesign of the locked screen and improvements to Messages, Photos, and Maps.

One of the most noticeable features from the presentations was the locked screen which will eventually get a makeover. The new interface will allow Apple users to completely customize their screens in a way that is evocative of Apple Watch faces and Material You, the new design guidelines announced with Android 12 in 2021.

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It will be possible to customize both the font and the color of the time display. A little effect that inserts the time behind the subject immortalized in your photograph might help photos in portrait mode. It’s also possible to set the wallpaper to change automatically numerous times a day. Apple will include a collection of locked screens in iOS 16 based on your photo library, and you’ll be able to create multiple screens to choose from depending on your mood.

The look of widgets allows for far more customization of the interface. Among the different widgets available, you can add the weather of the day, your activity rings, or the remaining battery level, just like the intricacies of the connected watch. Apple has also created an interactive widget that allows users to manage their music and adapt to the cover displayed on the screen.

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The screen can also show the time in your current city or a panorama of the planet Earth in full-screen mode. Developers will have access to a dedicated API that will allow them to design their lock screen-compatible widgets.

Notifications will now appear at the bottom of the screen and can be hidden with a swipe down, rather than being lost permanently as they are currently.

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iOS 16  promises to take things a step further by including filters for each setting. You can see only messages from authorized contacts in Messages or particular tabs in Safari by switching to a mode. To quickly switch between modes, you can designate a Concentration mode for each locked screen.

Ability to edit and delete messages

Even though iMessage is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market, it lacks some capabilities compared to its competitors. Apple addresses some of these flaws by allowing users to modify and delete delivered messages.

Apple has upgraded voice dictation, which now includes automatic punctuation during speech recognition. By selecting a block of text, you’ll be able to transition from typing to dictation automatically. The keyboard will always be visible on the screen for greater versatility when dictating.

Developers can now add the contents of their product to Shared with You, allowing for simple sharing with your peers. SharePlay and Messages work together to let you share your thoughts on a movie or video with your peers.

Carplay gets Makeover

Apple has redesigned the CarPlay interface for automobiles with multiple screens for the lucky owners of a vehicle with CarPlay. CarPlay can be used to replace the dashboard interface to show the route in Maps between the speedometer and RPM. The screens can be customized with the manufacturer’s various color schemes. Later this year, the automobiles affected by this update will be revealed.

There are two significant new features in Photos. The first is the editor, which includes a clipping tool that can be used automatically. It will be sufficient to tap on an element to choose it and cut it out swiftly. You’ll also see a button to share it right away in the Messages app.

The shared photo library in Photos also gives you a new opportunity to share your photos with your loved ones. You can select your contacts and have your images automatically uploaded to a shared directory. You can confirm or deny the automatic inclusion in this new shared collection using a new button in the Camera app.

The Home app now has a redesigned, more attractive screen to see all of your connected devices in one place. Filters at the top of the screen help you find only your connected light bulbs, surveillance cameras, and other devices.

The Matter standard will be interoperable with HomeKit devices, allowing easier integration with other compatible products and new interaction options. During use, the data will be safe and encrypted.

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