WatchOS 9:  Everything that you need to Know


Yesterday from 20hrs Kenyan Time, Apple started its WWDC 2022 annual event; the manufacturer demonstrated the future of its software for Apple Watch. This latest version of watchOS emphasizes Apple’s focus on health and fitness, which are the Apple Watch’s key selling features.

 Apple’s new sleep tracking features and running metrics could help the company bridge the gap between its wearables and competitors’. As of the writing of this article, those who have Apple watches will be able to get new measures thanks to the watchOS 9.

It is the runners who have been highly favored, to say. They will be able to evaluate their performance and lessen the risk of injury. Apple has added vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact duration.

In watchOS 9, Heart rate zones will provide users with a better understanding of the intensity of their workout. A new multisport training option has also been added, allowing triathletes to go from one workout to the next effortlessly.

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Before fall this year, Sleep Stages are also coming to Apple’s smartwatches. As the name implies, Sleep Stages informs the user of how much time he spent in REM sleep, deep sleep, and deep sleep. Other highlights of the upgrade include four new watch faces and compatibility with six new keyboard languages. Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy are the names of the new watch faces.

Other improvements include fewer annoying notifications while wearing the Apple Watch, new quick actions to answer calls or snap photos with a double squeeze motion, and a revamped dock that prioritizes apps in use. The watchOS 9 is slated to launch this autumn and requires at least an Apple Watch Series 4 to install.