Telegram announces the launch of its premium service


Telegram is introducing a Premium edition, which was still a rumor a few weeks ago. It’s official, and Telegram Premium is now available!

Many speculations circulated a few weeks ago regarding the impending debut of a premium version of Telegram, which has now been verified.No need to uninstall this application; if you are not happy with the decision, Telegram will still be free for many users.

 Telegram Premium, as the name implies, will be an upgraded version of the app with additional capabilities. On the Twitter side, it’s similar to the Blue subscription. At this time, neither the content nor the pricing of the impending Telegram Premium service has been specified by the Telegram CEO.

Many have asked us to push the current limits of the application even further, and so we have been looking for ways to allow you to go beyond what Telegram offers. The problem is that if we removed all the limits for everyone, our server and traffic costs would become unmanageable, and the party would, unfortunately, be over for everyone.

Telegram CEO, Pavel Durov

However, data from the app’s beta version reveals that the Premium membership would cost $4.99 per month, about Ksh 600 a month, and will include features such as speedier downloads, voice chats, and tools like stickers and custom emojis to personalize conversations.