PlayStation unveils the official Backbone One controller for iPhone gaming


Sony has recently announced a brand-new controller for Apple’s mobile devices in collaboration with the Backbone company. Xbox has been using the gaming Cloud on our smartphones, touch tablets, and even Smart TVs for several months.

PlayStation plans to concentrate its efforts on these mobile devices on the weekends and in the coming week. To do this, the Japanese company has partnered with Backbone to create a new controller.

Yesterday the gaming guru unveiled the video for this gadget, formally known as the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition. The concerned controller is only available to iPhone users. Despite the addition of asymmetrical sticks that resemble those on an Xbox controller, the design is quite similar to that of a DualSense.

 The game includes all the standard touches, save for one particularity. To play the PS4 and PS5 libraries, in addition to the controller, you must need the PS Remote Play program. This mobile application requires a nearby PlayStation system and a connection speed of at least 5 Mb/s.

It is true that this is merely a remote playback service and not, technically speaking, a cloud gaming service. Therefore, using this Backbone One – PlayStation Edition to play on the move is pointless. It will still cost 119.99 euros for the controller.