Qualcomm says the Samsung Galaxy S23 won’t feature an Exynos variant


There won’t be an Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy S23, and all Samsung Markets will now be able to benefit from Snapdragon chipsets, at least for the Galaxy S23 models. A new contract valid until 2030 for the supply of smartphone processors has been struck by Qualcomm and Samsung.

Qualcomm has officially confirmed that Samsung is forsaking its Exynos CPUs for the Galaxy S23 series, as suggested earlier. During a conference call with analysts in conjunction with the release of the company’s most recent quarterly results, Cristiano Amon, the head of the American foundry, made a solid implication to this effect.

Depending on the region, Samsung has, up till now, used Exynos(Europe) or Snapdragon SoCs(Africa) in its flagship Galaxy S line of smartphones. The gadgets have Qualcomm processors, whether made in China or the US.

Some customers were frustrated by this circumstance since they felt they had purchased a lesser smartphone when forced to use an Exynos home SoC. Despite year after year of promises, Samsung has never really been able to match the performance or energy efficiency of Snapdragon processors.

As a result, Samsung has decided to rely more on Qualcomm in the following years. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be installed in every Galaxy S23, but the deal between the two parties also impacts several other handsets.