Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Oppo’s next smartwatch would likely launch on August 10

by Joseph Richard
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 At the end of July, Oppo confirmed the development and the upcoming release of its next connected watch, the Oppo Watch 3. Although not so much has been discussed about this topic, it is also mentioned(gizmochina) that the Chinese will unveil the watch next week.

By now is quitter evident that the watch 3 from Oppo would be the first smartphone of its kind to feature the Snapdragon W5 chipset. In addition, Digital Chat Station also mentions that the watch should be made official next week, on Wednesday, August 10, confirming the said details.

 The watch would take up an aesthetic inspired by the Apple Watch with a square screen and a button on the right side. It should also arrive in 3 models of which its name has names has not been put forward. From this, it can be said they will be a standard and high-end version.

They should have reasonably flat edges with a more tapered case. The same applies to the patient since the classic model should be compatible with a standard pin bracelet system with lugs. In contrast, the high-end model would adopt a proprietary bracelet system with a leather version.

Since not so much is known, it is also not yet clear what the onboard operating system will be if we can count on a launch in China with RTOS. Let’s wait until August 10, when Oppo will confirm using the details.

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