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Oppo Plans to Launch its second Generation of folding smartphones

It seems like top Notch brands have decided to enter fully into the unexploited market of folding smartphones. After launching its first folding smartphone in 2021, the Oppo Find N, it seems like Oppo wants to present us with another Novelty.

Mark these dates, The brand would therefore be prepared this time for a more global launch. Remember that the Oppo Find N is only available on the Chinese market, but we have still been able to have it here in Kenya that it’s the case.

 Now, new information leads us to believe that Oppo’s next folding offer could arrive in our countries this time. Although not yet confirmed, if we go by Mukul Sharma’s suggestion, Yes, the brand already has the markets for this particular folding phone.

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This year, to up its game against the competition Samsung, it seems like Oppo would unveil the Oppo Find N Fold and Oppo Find N Flip to compete with the Samsung Fold 4 directly and Flip 3 unveiled on August 10th.

In the future, we may also be entitled to real challengers capable of competing against the Korean giant in similar formats. Oppo would therefore revisit the formula of the Oppo Find N premier of the name, which had been surprised with its size and handling comfort, which made it warmer, while proposing a new model to extend its proposal even more.

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