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How to use AirPods full features on Android Smartphone

by Joseph Richard
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Those who have been using Apple products but still glued on Android to iPhones can fully testyify that it is now possible to incoportae Apple gadgets into Android smartphones. This is not just the case with transferring files between your iPhone and Android; also, Airpods usage is affected.

The Airpods was launched in late 2016, and since its unveiling, many(Android/iPhone users) have become to this product. There is a lot of competition currently in the market, but Airpods has stood to its word. Maybe that’s why Apple has managed to control the market successfully.

The Apple headphones are cross-platform functions even though the Apple operating systems are compatible, locking out others. Apple has not yet implemented procedures like Android, and the brand has not yet shown any commitments to these.

To fully bring out all the novelties from your Airpods on an android Smartphone, you will need an Application like CAPod. What makes the application awesome is that you don’t need to pay any cent to use the app. It is also open source; you can see its code via this Github page.


What you will benefit from with the app includes automatic playback or pause when you remove an AirPods from an ear, keep an eye on the percentage of charging of each of the AirPods as well as the case. Take note that without the App, Airpods does not provide these features to any Android Smartphone.

To get started, download CAPod on the Google play store

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