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Android smartphones should soon be able to connect to other devices

by Joseph Richard
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Android applications now appear to have endless potential. There are very few use cases for which there is no suitable smartphone app. But as of now, use is often restricted to the specific smartphone or tablet where the app is installed.

Only under unusual circumstances is seamless communication with other devices feasible. For instance, with Nearby Share, you may share files with an Android smartphone nearby. In the future, Google aims to increase the number of gadgets that can communicate with one another.

The organization just disclosed this in a blog post. As a result, Android developers may now use a new software development kit’s trial version, enabling connections with several adjacent devices. These connections are currently restricted to other Android smartphones and tablets, but they want to add iOS and Windows devices as well, eventually.

 Three additional essential functions are included in the new tool. It enables the discovery of nearby suitable devices, the construction of secure WLAN, Bluetooth, and ultra-wideband connections, and the management of an app across several devices.

To demonstrate the potential of the new technology, Google provides examples of some potential uses. A group of individuals might purchase food together, for instance, by having each person choose their preferred dish on their smartphone or tablet.

The group moderator finally issues the command. Additionally, it’s feasible for many passengers to use their cell phones to communicate specific locations to the car’s navigation system. Another option is to sync material across various devices, allowing you to, for instance, continue reading an article you began on a smartphone on tablet.

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