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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Starts Receiving  Android 12L Updates

by Joseph Richard
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Owners of the Samsung  Galaxy Tab S8 series can now start smiling to the bank. Today, the south Korean Manufacturer has started rolling out Android 12L updates to this magnificent tablet.

Android 12L  is a version of Google’s operating system for large displays. For instance, this holds for touch tablets and foldable smartphones. Android 12L was launched on  Google Pixel in March, and various manufacturers have started adopting this design up to this point.

Following what SamMobile media  claims, the following is a summary of the key additions made to the various Galaxy S8 tablet models:

The taskbar provides the option to pin and launch your most-used programs, which is a handy feature that has also arrived on the Galaxy Z Fold 4

You can switch between full-screen and split-screen modes with a two-finger gesture; text can be extracted from any image and translated into some languages, including French, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish

The Samsung Internet browser now allows you to rearrange your favorites by dragging your icons with the tip of your finger. For instance, if you input a phone number, the program will search for it, even if it is in an image or a document.

So, here is a reasonably thorough update to improve your tablet experience, particularly in multitasking. Finally, take notice that the X70xBXXU2AVH2 firmware is included with the update for the Galaxy Tab S8.

You must ensure that the firmware versions X80xBXXU2AVH5 and X90xBXXU2AVH2 are correspondingly loaded on your device for the Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

  As for now, the update is only available in Europe and South Korea; later on, other markets will also see the update

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