Millions of Instagram Followers Lose Access As Pornhub Account Is Suspended

image: pornhub

The official PornHub account was deleted by the well-known photo-sharing app Instagram.

PornHub is an adult entertainment website. Variety was the first to report this. According to the article, human rights organizations may have exerted pressure on PornHub to delete its account. Notably, Instagram hasn’t officially stated a reason for deleting the account.

There were almost 6,200 posts and 13.1 million followers on PornHub’s Instagram account before it was deleted. According to reports, PornHub adhered to Instagram’s rules by not posting non-pornographic movies and images but did explicitly advertise porn in the postings. Aside from that, the account included information and movies that urged viewers to work as porn actors.

Anti-PornHub activist Laila Mickelwait published screenshots when Instagram banned the PornHub account, indicating that the account had broken its community rules. Instagram hasn’t given a reason for removing the PornHub account, although it is widely believed that pressure from civil rights organisations was a factor.

The action was taken after TrafficJunky, the advertising division of Pornhub’s parent firm MindGeek, lost its ability to accept payments from Visa and Mastercard. Remember that owing to the existence of “illegal content” on PornHub in 2020, Visa and Mastercard stopped processing payments on the site.

3.4 million people follow Pornhub on Twitter, which is still active. Additionally active, and with 882,000 subscribers, is PornHub’s official YouTube channel, where it posts “safe for work” video content.