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4 Different Ways You Can Be Scammed

by James Musoba
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Have you ever felt stunned at receiving a call from an unknown number concerned about the expiring date of an automobile you never owned? That’s fair! I would feel the same. You need to be very careful because spam calls are out of control these days. You cannot blindly trust this thing that is just buzzing in your pocket constantly. 

Among the unknown callers, a prankster, old acquaintances, or a telemarketer could be involved. Knowing who called you would allow you to take appropriate action, such as returning the call or blocking the phone numbers to prevent future calls. Several phone lookup services can put your mind at ease and answer your question of who called me from this phone number

These unknown callers may call you with different ideas in their heads. They tell you believable stories to achieve their goal. Following are some of the frauds you may encounter while receiving a call from an unknown number.

Attempts to Obtain Your Personal Details

Scammers use all kinds of sneaky approaches to steal your details. After having your identity, they can use it for whatever purpose they want. They can also commit fraud, such as using your credit card or opening a bank account.

Offering Golden Opportunities and Jobs

Scammers are well aware that most people are jobless and in search of jobs to earn their bread and butter. Therefore scammers use the trick of you fake offers for a job in a well-established company that never existed. Job vacancies and employment frauds help convince you to hand over your cash by promising you ‘guaranteed’ strategies to make quick money or a high-paying career with little effort. 

Unexpected winnings

An unexpected phone call from an overseas lottery or sweepstakes company arrives. It claims you won a large sum of money or fabulous prizes in a lottery or prize draw competition in which you did not participate. These scams attempt to deceive you into providing money or personal information to get the prize. Scammers claim you must pay charges or taxes before receiving your winnings or prize. You should never forget that “Greed is a Curse”.

Fake Charities

Taking advantage of your kindness, scammers may call you to ask for donations. Scammers are dishonest people who prey on people looking to donate to a great charity or find a solution to a health issue. Scammers collect money by claiming to work for a legit cause, charity, or an imaginary one they’ve created.

Scammers frequently take advantage of a recent natural disaster or crisis that has made headlines. They also may take on your feelings by claiming to be collecting for a worthy cause, such as helping sick children.

Final Verdict

Because of technological advancements, our phones beep, vibrate and blink with impressive numbers throughout the day. Technological advancements have been both a great savior and a horrible nightmare for today’s life because, while you can use your mobile phones to help you, scammers can also take advantage of them to defraud you!! Don’t worry; mentioned above are a few simple and practical tips to help you out with how to recognize phone scams.

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