The Pixel 7’s To Only Use two storage options


The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, anticipated on October 6, have become less and less of a secret over the weeks. However, today, we learned that there would only be two storage options for the Pixel 7.

The Pixel 7 will only be offered in two options, one with 128 GB of internal storage and the other with 256 GB. This has both positive and negative implications for the Pixel 7. On the one hand, the gadget is an improvement over the Pixel 6, which only provides a single 128 GB version; on the other hand, the absence of 512 GB or 1 TB alternatives is apparent.

According to the specialist website, this predisposition of Google would also apply to the Pixel 7 Pro, which would satisfy 128 or 256 GB of internal storage. Opposite to what Samsung’s flagships and the most recent iPhones enable, without choices to go beyond.\

 By default, none of Google’s following two smartphones will be able to rely on a micro SD card to increase its internal storage. However, since Google previously did not include it on the Pixel 6/6 Pro, this is not very shocking.