Chromecast 4K with Google TV Updated with Android 12

Chromecast 4K

Chromecast 4K with Google TV, the device that is able to make any TV smart has been updated with Android 12. The new update incorporates a new version of the green robot OS and several improvements for viewing content.

The creators of Chromecast have now published an update to the operating system of the 4K version, which is finally fitted with Android 12 after the Full HD version of Chromecast with Google TV was introduced on the market.

Some of the features include, Update ad Android TV OS 12, Settings for controlling the HDR format and surround sound, Ability to choose between different refresh rates, Improved security and privacy, New toggle for disable or enable access to microphone and camera for all apps, Android security patches updated July 2022, and Bug fixes and performance improvements.

To receive this update, one can do a manual search through the section ‘System update’ on the device. To access it, click on your profile picture to access the ‘System settings.’