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Facebook Opens Up The Global Creator Community To Its Professional Mode Profile Option

by Vanessa Waithera
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All Facebook creators now have access to Meta’s professional mode setting, according to a statement from the company.

The professional mode is intended for creators who want to pay for their social media followings. In December 2021, Facebook started testing professional mode with a small group of creators; it is now accessible to everyone on the network.

Professional mode resembles Pages in that it provides producers with a separate profile to build their web presence. Facebook asserted in a blog post that using professional mode may aid users in “growing a public following, monetizing their content, and engaging more deeply with their audience.”

Through the profile setting, artists can access analytics and monetization services like Facebook’s Reels Play bonus programme, which lets you get paid for the Reels you share. Additionally, the professional mode grants qualified creators access to Stars, which enables you to receive payments directly from viewers of Reels, live events, and on-demand video.

Additionally, in-stream ads will be made available to qualified professional mode creators, giving them the chance to monetize longer movies that are available on demand on Facebook by turning on ads before, during, or after the video. With a restricted group of producers from around the world, the business is also testing ads on Facebook Reels in professional mode. Advertising on Reels or in between looping Reels, according to the business, allows the ad type to be integrated into Reels.

Subscriber-only material can be shared on the social network by creators using the professional mode, who also have access to subscribers. The rollout and testing phases of subscriptions have not yet been completed.

“Professional mode allows you to build a global audience of followers, while still staying connected to friends and family from your personal Facebook profile,” the company said in the blog post. “As you post public content, you’ll have access to features designed to help you obtain and engage new followers that were previously only available on Pages.”

In order to capitalise on the possibilities of a new revenue stream that could result from things like creator subscriptions, Meta is now investing in its creator user base. It makes sense that Meta would want to increase the range of services it offers creators as it works to construct the metaverse with their help.

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