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How to Choose the Best Solar Company in Florida for Your Needs

With the number of solar companies in Florida, it may not be a clear choice of which one to use. Here are some areas to consider!

It’s often marketed that one of the best things you can do is make the switch to solar energy. Depending on your situation, this could certainly be true. After all, once the payback period passes, you’ll start to enjoy perpetual savings, provided that your energy consumption makes it worth it.

However, the initial phase sees you working with a solar company to have the setup completed for your home. Some companies are amazing to work with, while others are not so much. With that in mind, here’s some information to help you choose the best solar energy contractor.

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Don’t Use “Best” Lists

This is almost a reflex at this point, you want a certain product or service, so you hop onto your favorite search engine and search for a list of the best ones. For example, if you want a pair of running shoes, you may look up “best running shoes.”

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However, this is not necessarily the recommended way to go when looking for the best solar companies in Florida. That’s because these listings tend to be written from a single perspective, which may be based on a situation that is completely different from yours. Realistically, an amazing solar company that did great for someone else may provide you with an awful experience, simply because of a lack of the specific expertise required or the demands of your application.

System Size

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As you can imagine, solar installations will be of different sizes. Depending on how large the system is, not only will it take longer to get up and running, but it will also cost more. This is where you want all the optimization possible to be at play. If you’re working with the right solar company, then your budget will be a huge factor in whatever the design and implementation would look like. To cut your monthly bills for electricity your solar equipment systems should produce enough solar energy to power your home and give the electricity back to the grid. You can think of residential solar panel installation as an option for an additional backup plan in case of power outages.

Additionally, you probably want to get a feel for how the company is going to design things in a way that will help you see the best cost savings possible. After all, if there is ever a time for this kind of thought pattern, it’s when this system will be a large one. Battery storage should correlate with the overall solar energy system since to be efficient it should cover your energy needs even at night when there’s no sunshine.

Guarantees Based on Useful Life

How long is your solar system going to last? Technically speaking, you have no idea at the time when it is installed. Typically, solar panels have a useful life of about 25 years, with more high-quality ones going well beyond that.

Therefore, you want to look for a company that can give you some level of guarantee. This is going to be a long journey after all, and you may need support and other commitments to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Of course, no one knows what the future will look like, so it’s hard for a firm to say it will still be in business 25 years down the line, but basic maintenance and repair for as long as possible go a long way. So having some extended solar panel and storage systems warranties can save you a lot of time within the lifespan of your solar systems. Chances are high that going solar without these warranties offered will result in your solar panel systems producing much less electric power for sale. Choosing a contractor with a responsive service team is wise, brings lots of value, and helps to reduce service costs. Be sure to check if they have a wide service area across the entire state.

Customer Service

This isn’t even a measure of just the best solar company. Customer service is a universal language, and before you decide to work with any business in any industry, it needs to be up to par. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to know what the customer service experience with a solar company will be after you have your panels installed. For that, you will likely have to depend on reviews and recommendations of those who have had experience with the firm in question. Check their pricing, which solar panel brands do they work with and don’t forget to ask if a company offers at least a two-year warranty for energy system equipment and batteries. Try to contact as many solar panel companies for their quote and check customer reviews online. Customers can tell a lot about the cost of solar panel installation, price per kWh of solar power and how to go solar in the US with smallest costs possible.

Affordable residential solar energy systems can only be built if you will choose a reliable solar panel manufacturer, buy the affordable batteries with high efficiency and apply for a solar incentives. We know that finding a good local solar installers with excellent reputation is not an easy task. Top solar installation company will not just make solar systems affordable, but can also provide financing options to Florida homeowners.

Going solar is even more attractive with state incentives for solar systems. Florida solar insolation rate is very high throughout the whole year making the state a sunlight capital of the US. Indeed, homeowners in the sunshine state can build affordable systems and produce big amount of free solar energy and then sell it or save with tesla powerwall or similar systems.

Solar tax credit programs and various incentives allow homeowners increase the efficiency of their investment by making the overall prices low. This, in turn, helps receive rebates that homeowners can spend on another set of batteries from a top brand, additional solar panel set to increase power production, for home improvement or roofing services.

However, you can and should pay attention to what the interactions look like up to the point of commitment, especially considering you’re not yet a customer.

Licensing and Insurance

Relevant qualifications and experience are non-negotiable. If you’re going to have a company taking on such an important project that is synonymous with a long-term commitment, then it needs to guarantee you that it can get the job done. Beyond that, these projects, like others, leave room for errors and other challenges. If so, you need to know that the required insurance is in place, so you don’t end up in a terrible financial situation just because you contracted solar services.

Understand What the Contract Entails

As is the case in any other situation that has a legal agreement between two parties, its basis lies in the contract. Don’t just assume that because a company is into renewable energy and has a few good reviews, it’s the best one to install solar panels on your roof. Being in the solar industry is easy, while being one of the state leaders is hard. So before building a solar roof ask some questions and go through the purchase agreement to understand pros and cons of each provider. To identify the best local solar panel installation companies, sort all of them by price, warranties they offer and check for reviews online.

You should get a document that clearly outlines all the terms that will apply to the agreement. Not only will it likely speak to any requirements of you, but it also highlights those that the company must conform to. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to see if any hidden fees were not discussed previously.

Access to Financing

If you are to go with the solar system company that you’re thinking of to have your installation done, what do the financing prospects look like? The chances are that the average person in Florida is not necessarily going to be able to stand the cost of installing solar panels out of pocket.

Therefore, loans, leases, and PPAs exist. With that in mind, you want to get a feel for any partnerships that may exist that could lead to attractive financing for you. Solar installer can offer you a wide range of solar offers and incentives. It can be a solar loan or solar lease, or even a small discount to purchase the battery storage units – you should use all the benefits contractor is offering at the moment of purchase.

Quote Comparisons

Some people just want to get the process of having the solar system set up over with. Therefore, they may not necessarily browse all the information available and instead, run with the first contractor they find in the area. This is not an advisable way to make any kind of buying decision.

Again, this is a long-term commitment, so you want to think it through and avoid hasty decisions. Don’t work with one quote. Instead, try to procure at least three and compare them before deciding.

Wrapping Up

If you’re going to be dealing with a solar energy contractor in Florida to have your panels set up and start taking advantage of long-term savings, then you want to choose the best one. Carefully go through the power purchase agreement to understand the percentage of your solar energy production will be bought by a state electric company.

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