5 Important Things You’ll Need If You Want To Start Vlogging With Your Smartphone

5 Important Things You'll Need If You Want To Start Vlogging With Your Smartphone

You can make a side income from your fantastic passion for vlogging.

But you must make equipment purchases if you want to start producing high-quality videos. Purchasing a professional camera doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you may purchase or improve other equipment that would enable you to make high-quality videos directly from your smartphone.

What tools, programmes, and services are therefore most important for smartphone vlogging? Consider the following items.


Wherever you intend to record, you’ll need a tripod to support your smartphone while you’re doing it. Unstable handheld videos are unpleasant to view. They give off an amateurish vibe, and if you’re moving around, it may even make your viewers queasy and sick.

If you have a camera operator, you may even utilise a tripod for basic movements like panning and tracking to ensure that your video is totally stable. For walk-around and travel vlogs, certain smartphone tripods also function as selfie sticks.

2. Smartphone Gimbal

If you intend to shoot B-roll footage, you might want to think about purchasing a smartphone gimbal. You may record scenes and objects with this gadget in professional-quality recordings because to its steadiness and fluid movements.

Additionally, some models even include automated subject tracking, allowing you to move freely throughout a scene without the assistance of a camera operator.

3. Teleprompter

A teleprompter is a vital tool for maintaining audience engagement. After all, making eye contact is essential when speaking in front of an audience. Making eye contact with the camera will help your viewers feel as though you are communicating directly to them even though you are not speaking to them directly when you are recording a vlog.

Furthermore, it’s reasonable to have a copy of your screenplay on hand, especially if you’re filming a talking-head video. If you didn’t memorise what you wanted to say in your vlog and glance at a copy of your script, you’d be looking away from the camera and breaking eye contact. Although teleprompters are reasonably priced, you can instead use a smartphone or tablet if you don’t want to invest the money. Although a second smartphone or screen placed close to the camera lens might work, observant people will still know you aren’t staring straight at them.

4. Video Editing Apps

It is essential to have a video editing programme on your smartphone unless you solely make live videos. These apps are necessary to remove bloopers, enhance colour quality, and merge segments to create a coherent, fluid video.

These programmes also let you add effects and other on-screen components to your videos to make them more visually appealing. You can also use them to build intro and outro clips that you can use to introduce yourself to your viewers.

5. External Storage

A lot of room is needed when recording videos. If you’re filming in 4K HDR resolution, this is especially true. The storage on your smartphone can be quickly exhausted by videos, even in Full HD.

You’re mistaken if you believe that 512GB is more than enough space for your video files. 512GB can often only store up to four hours of 4K or twenty-four hours of 1080p Full HD video. The operating system-installed apps and other data that are present on your phone are not even included in this.

Furthermore, the most recent flagship models’ top-end models usually only come with 512GB of storage. You would most likely only have 64GB to 256GB of storage if you were utilising a cheaper model.

6. A Decent Smartphone

Even though most modern mid-range smartphones have respectable video quality, they frequently suffer in settings with high contrast or poor lighting. Consider purchasing a flagship model if you’re in the market for a new smartphone and intend to start vlogging.

Both the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have received excellent evaluations for their capabilities to record video, so you should take a look at those devices. Even if a vlogging camera is an alternative to a smartphone, they are larger and more obtrusive. Additionally, you are only permitted to use them to take images or make films. Even basic editing on them is impossible. Because of this, a smartphone might be a better choice.