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Twitter is going to start charging customers for SMS two-factor authentication

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Those who have not yet signed up for Twitter Blue have 30 days to do so, or their SMS two-factor authentication may be disabled.

Platformer Zoe Schiffer tweeted early Friday afternoon that Twitter and CEO Elon Musk had announced a new policy. According to a newly updated blog post on Twitter’s website, the news is all but official now. Although being a widely used 2FA method, SMS can be readily misused, the author of the essay acknowledges. However, the platform charges an $8 subscription (or $11 if you use an iOS device) to have the ability to use their weakest type of authentication. After that, the website advises users who are not Twitter Blue subscribers to “consider using an authentication app or security key approach instead.” Either do that or wait until March 20 when Twitter disables it for you.

Although SMS 2FA is one of the platform’s most popular authentication methods, it is not necessary to utilise it to use the app, as Twitter notes. Only 2.6% of platform users have 2FA enabled, while the great majority (74%) rely on SMS authentication, according to Rachel Tobac on Twitter, who was citing the website’s own transparency data.

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According to Sean Hollister from The Verge one significant factor in why a business would place SMS authentication behind a paywall is the expense of delivering SMS texts. When the billionaire took over, it has been the intention to completely phase out SMS, and Twitter is in severe need of money. Yet it appears as if Musk has at least for a time discovered a way to make money off of SMS. Since that Twitter Blue membership revenue is lower than anticipated, SMS authentication for all users may be completely taken away in the near future.

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Vanessa Waithera
Vanessa Waithera
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