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D14.AI launches Dhealth – the AI-Driven patient education platform to boost patient treatment

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 D14.AI, a MENA-based AI company that aims to solve complex optimization challenges  for businesses globally has launched , Dhealth, the AI-driven coaching platform aimed at improving patient treatment and education.

The socially smart training platform offers tools and support for healthcare providers – including hospitals, clinics and other therapy centres to develop and run personalized training and education programs for patients with chronic illnesses.

 Dhealth  aims to address challenges faced by billions suffering from chronic illnesses and significant related cost challenges across the world. Even pre-pandemic, 90% of US healthcare expenditure was for people with chronic and mental health conditions.

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Melda Akin, founder and CEO of D14.AI, commented:“I am thrilled to launch Dhealth – the latest addition to D14’s growing suite of advanced AI-driven solutions for businesses. Powered by our core AI engine, Dhealth is a technology solution catering to the growing global demand for personalized treatment programs – which adapt to individual patient needs.

“Dhealth aims to be the most trusted partner for healthcare providers – delivering the most effective training and treatments to their patients at the lowest cost. Technology has the power to solve many of the world’s biggest challenges and Dhealth is already demonstrating its huge potential impact for millions worldwide who struggle daily with chronic illnesses.”

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Dhealth applies AI Constraint Programming to run millions of permutations on available insights to find the optimal plan, in seconds, for patients – and increase treatment efficiency.

 Its advanced AI engine accounts for treatment needs, time and location preferences, plus data from healthcare providers such as shifts and pricing. This insight, combined with existing big data and forecasts, creates a fully personalized training journey.

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Machine learning is then applied. This includes Dhealth’s patient data plus third party data such as from smart watches, to continually update the program and meet evolving patient needs.

D14’s AI engine learns from every available data point to constantly recommend the most suitable content and programs for users.

Through Dhealth’s white-labelled, subscription-based service, healthcare providers can instantly create curated training programs for patients with different conditions. Launching in response to huge demand, D14 anticipates rapid onboarding of new clients throughout 2023, improving patient program efficiencies and increasing revenues for healthcare providers by over 25%.

D14’s platform also addresses cost challenges for businesses, incurred by employee absenteeism due to chronic or mental health illnesses. Globally, over 1.7 billion people report muscoloskeletal conditions – the largest driver of health costs for employers – more than cancer and cardiovascular disease. Increasing absenteeism costs employers millions of dollars annually, implying large payout costs for insurance providers.

Beyond healthcare, Dhealth is a blueprint for companies in other sectors seeking a primary channel to distribute information to employees and customers in a dynamic, personalized way.

Dhealth’s launch complements D14’s existing AI-driven solution for healthcare providers – Shiftit. An intelligent platform for modern deskless workforce management and complex scheduling, Shiftit interactively manages and optimizes the allocation of time, space, conflicts, and team preferences in a time and cost-saving way, resulting in increased staff and client satisfaction, and reducing costs by up to 30%.

D14.AI delivers optimization-as-a-service solutions to businesses globally. D14 helps companies grow via efficiency-enhancing AI solutions – removing the complexity of automation, scheduling and team management.

Its proprietary core AI technology, backed by cutting edge academic research, solves exponentially hard optimization problems, capable of evaluating millions of combinations in minutes, up to 3,000x faster than competing solutions. 

The company was founded by Melda Akin , CEO and founder .Melda is a leading software engineer ranked one of the Top 20 Women in Tech MENA 2022 and 2021, and Top 10 Women Behind Middle Eastern Tech Brands 2021 by Forbes. She was also selected as ‘Women Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2022 at the Middle East Women’s Leader Summit and is a mentor in the United Nations and NAMA Women Empowerment organization.

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