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Spotify Launches New AI Feature for Personalized Music

by Val Lukhanyu
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Spotify has launched a new AI music feature dubbed DJ to better personalize the music listening experience for its users.

The DJ feature will deliver a curated selection of music alongside AI-powered spoken commentary about tracks and artists you like using Spotify’s stunningly realistic voice. The feature feels more like Spotify putting an AI DJ in your pocket that will choose your music when you press the button.

Techcrunch also reports that the feature has the potential to turn Spotify into a lean-back, passive experience for those times users don’t feel like dictating to Spotify what to stream next or fumbling around which interface to find a playlist.

Spotify says the new DJ feature is a combination of its existing personalization technology and an AI voice from its 2022 Sonantic acquisition and the generative AI through the use of OpenAI technology.

At the moment, the OpenA1-powered feature is still in beta testing, it’s now only available in English for Spotify premium subscribers in the US and Canada.

Spotify says the technology is being put to use to create culturally relevant, accurate pieces of commentary at scale.

The company has also provided its music editors, experts, scriptwriters and data curators with access to OpenAI’s Generative AI tech to let them scale their insights about music, artists and genres.

Once launched, the DJ AI feature will present a personalized stream of songs to users that will include both new and old tracks. The streams will be continually refreshed as users listen.

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