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What Is Bitcoin Dominance and Does it Really Matter?

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Bitcoin completely changed the world because it was the first cryptocurrency to appear. Now, you have more options to transfer money and pay for goods and services.

Gamblers can play now and earn assets by relying on crypto casinos and other websites. Even so, if you’re a beginner in this world, you must know all you can about Bitcoin, why dominance is essential, and how it can affect you. You’ll learn everything about it in this article.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin started in 2009, and a person or persons unknown created it under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

This coin was the first one to gain popularity worldwide. Currently, it’s still one of the most famous and valuable cryptocurrencies. Some of its key features are as follows:


Bitcoin is in a decentralized network called the blockchain. Numerous computers (nodes) maintain it in a distributed ledger, and its functioning means that no central authority (for example, a financial institution or government) controls it.

There Is a Specific Supply of the Coin

There are only 21 million Bitcoin coins. It’s due to the crypto’s protocol, and to access the currency, people have to mine it.

Miners will use computers and solve extremely challenging mathematical problems on the blockchain. When they manage to crack the code, they get new Bitcoins.

It’s a Digital Currency

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin only exists online. If you want it, you can send and receive it through a digital wallet.

Wallets are apps that allow you to have control over your holdings, and to manage them, you get a specific key (a number) that no one else will have.

Bitcoin Is Secure

All Bitcoin transactions are secure because developers use cryptographic techniques to save them on the blockchain.

Overall, all transactions go through a verification process. When you send Bitcoins, each movement you make creates a digital signature, which will guarantee the authenticity of your actions.

It sounds complicated for beginners, but what you should remember is that cryptographic security allows you to guarantee that only the real owners of Bitcoins can spend them.

User Privacy

One of the best aspects of Bitcoin is that it’s linked to specific cryptographic addresses rather than real-world ones.

Therefore, your transactions are always safe because they’re private and anonymous. Even so, keep in mind that others (oftentimes hackers, snoopers, or people with malicious intentions) can analyze transactions. If they work hard enough, they might be able to de-anonymize them.

Bitcoin Is Volatile

All cryptos are famous for being volatile, but Bitcoin is special because its price rose a lot in a matter of months. The change made people realize that cryptocurrencies were relevant, and it shifted everyone’s perspective in the long run.

Investor behavior and market demand play a role when it comes to cryptos’ volatility. Consequently, you should thoroughly examine your options if you want to invest in Bitcoin because it could be convenient for some purposes but not for others, particularly if you’re looking for long-term revenue.

What Is Bitcoin Dominance?

Bitcoin dominance is the proportion of the market that this coin represents. In other words, it’s a specific cipher, which helps you understand the relative impact of a currency compared to others.

This concept is very convenient because it helps understand Bitcoin’s market share, impact, and prominence in the crypto world.

If dominance is high, it means the coin is taking a crucial portion of the capitalization in comparison to others.

Conversely, when dominance is low, it means that alternative coins have a larger share of the market capitalization.

Bitcoin dominance can change due to different factors. Some of these include investor behavior, market trends, worldwide happenings (for example, war, pandemics, etc.), regulations and rules, and the rise of new cryptos.

Moreover, you should remember that Bitcoin dominance can mutate over time. The crypto market is continuously changing as the world shifts, and that will also impact this number.

Why Bitcoin Dominance Is Relevant

Understanding Bitcoin’s dominance is crucial because it gives you some information about the coin’s impact, size, and market influence compared to others. Experts consider this concept critical, and the following factors are some reasons why:

  1. Market Leadership: The first crypto to ever appear was Bitcoin. Currently, it’s still the most famous one. Therefore, its dominance is crucial because it’s a reflection of its historical position. Regularly, this coin will set other trends on the market, making it a reference point for investors, traders, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  2. Investor Behavior: Bitcoin dominance could help understand investors’ actions in the crypto market. When the value is high, it means people have a more significant interest in the coin over other options. This, in turn, could mean they’re more prone to being careful of risks and choosing traditional options. Alternatively, lower metrics mean others might want alternative coins, so they could be more open or tolerant of risks or be willing to explore various technologies and projects.
  3. Market Cycles and Trends: If you consider Bitcoin dominance, you’ll be able to understand market patterns. When new cryptos appear and there’s a boom or spike in interest, people might choose other coins to seek high potential returns. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s dominance could increase during times of economic hardship because investors want stability and trust the currency’s history.
  4. Risk Assessment: Bitcoin dominance can be a tool to measure risks. The coin is usually less volatile and risky (even though it’s still so), particularly compared to other newer altcoins. Therefore, higher dominance means there could be a more stable market.

Bitcoin dominance is a number that helps you understand investor behavior and market trends. Even so, it should never be the only factor you consider when making investment decisions.

You should remember that while Bitcoin dominance can provide insights into market trends and sentiment, it should not be the sole metric you use to make investment decisions.

The crypto market is ever-changing and challenging. Different factors play a role in it, and cryptos have a unique value that can change depending on various things. Consequently, if you’re evaluating various opportunities, you must conduct thorough research, analyze your options, and choose the best one.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin dominance might be a complicated concept to grasp if you’re a beginner and are starting to understand the basics of the cryptocurrency world.

Nonetheless, it’s a critical metric to remember when investing in crypto. Therefore, you should read and try to learn as much as you can since it’s a concept that could help you during your decision-making process.

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