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Meta introduces real-time avatar calls for when you’re not camera-ready

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Meta has announced new updates for its Meta Avatars, allowing users to have a more interactive and enjoyable digital experience.

With over a billion Meta Avatars already created, these updates aim to enhance self-expression and social interactions within the metaverse.

One of the new features introduced is real-time calling with Meta Avatars.

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“Users can now use their avatars during video calls on Messenger and Instagram, providing an alternative when they are not camera-ready or prefer not to show their actual appearance,” noted Meta’s blog post.

The feature is available for both Android and iOS users, ensuring accessibility across different devices.

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Additionally, users can add a touch of humour to their calls by incorporating llama avatars.

To add more life to conversations, animated stickers featuring avatars have been introduced.

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“These stickers can be shared on various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Stories, Reels, Facebook comments, as well as 1:1 message threads on Messenger and Instagram.”

From waving hello to showcasing dance moves, users can choose from a wide range of animated stickers to express their personality.

Recognizing that self-expression is better enjoyed with friends, Meta has also introduced social stickers.

Users can now tag friends in Facebook Stories, enabling avatars to interact and engage in activities together in the metaverse, mirroring real-life experiences. Additionally, social stickers can be shared in 1:1 message threads, allowing users to relive shared moments or enjoy inside jokes even when physically apart.

Creating a Meta Avatar has also been made easier with the introduction of a new feature being tested on Facebook and WhatsApp.

By taking a live selfie, users can generate suggested avatar options within seconds.

These options can then be personalized to better represent the user’s identity, streamlining the avatar creation process and making it more efficient.

Meta has also worked on standardizing the appearance of avatars across its platforms, ensuring consistency between VR avatars and those on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

“This change aims to provide users with a more realistic representation and allow them to showcase their outfits and styles without the distraction of exaggerated proportions.”

Furthermore, Meta has collaborated with renowned brands to offer users additional avatar customization options. T

The Avatars Store now includes six Valentino outfits and Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature earrings, featuring the brand’s iconic Pink PP colour and Valentino Toile Iconography patterns.

Additionally, Meta has partnered with Capcom to bring Street Fighter 6-inspired styles to the Avatars Store.

Finally, in preparation for summer’s soccer matches, Meta has launched the US Women’s National team’s home and away kits.

“With these updates, Meta aims to provide a social, stylish, and fun experience for users, highlighting the potential for self-expression in the metaverse. The company promises to continue improving and expanding the features of Meta Avatars, and users can expect more exciting avatar-related news in the coming months.”

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Diana Mutheu
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