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How to check passport status in Kenya.

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If you applied for a passport in Kenya, you might be curious as to when it would be available for pick up. It might be stressful to wait for your passport, especially if you have upcoming trip arrangements. There are, however, a number of techniques for figuring out whether your passport is prepared for pickup.

The status of a passport can now be tracked using three different techniques. 

How to Track a Kenyan Passport via SMS

  • Send a new message on your smartphone.
  • Enter the Kenyan passport application number that was provided.
  • Send the text to 2032, the short code.
  • An SMS will be sent to you indicating whether your passport is ready for pickup in Kenya or is still being processed.
  • Alternatively or send an email to [email protected]
  • Additionally, you can DM them on Twitter at @ImmigrationDept.

How to use the e-citizen portal to trace a Kenyan passport

  • After the biometric tests are finished, the passport generation process will start.
  • The stages in your e-citizen site will start changing from one stage to another during this time to show how your passport is progressing.
  • The passport is available for pickup after the initial stage of LOADING, followed by PRODUCTION, and finally RECEIVING.

You can then get a text message from immigration informing you of the same.

Note: This method is not completely accurate because the majority of applicants either endure prolonged stagnation at one stage or fail to receive SMS notifications of collecting but nevertheless manage to receive their passports.

Kenyan passport tracing with a tracking number

  • You can now proceed to track the status of your passport using the tracking number provided on the receipt for the photo token. Visit the passport reservation and collection portal to get started.
  • Type in your tracking number (10 digits).
  • Select “Track My Passport.”

The above action may result in either of (2) scenarios below.

Situation 1: Tracking number is missing

This notice means that you might need to wait longer because your passport is not yet ready.

For questions about passports, please contact

[email protected] @ImmigrationDept +254 110 923 422 +254 110 923 423

Call the hotline at +254 110 922 065 for passport applications that are urgent or emergency. working from 8 am till 5 pm

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