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How a Kenyan church is registered

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Kenyans wishing to start churches in the country should follow the new criteria provided by Maria Nyariki, the registrar of societies.

The state abolished the moratorium that prevented the registration of new churches at the same time the new regulations were released.

In a piece of writing dated July 13, Nyariki released the rules.

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“IT IS notified for general information that the registrar of societies has issued the following guidelines regarding registration of religious societies; documents to be submitted for registration,” Nyariki’s document read in part.

You need the following to register a church or ministry in Kenya:

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  • Copies of each officer’s passport photo, PIN certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), and national identification card.
  • Each officer’s phone number and email address in the society.
  • A certified copy of a Certificate, a Diploma, or a Degree in Theology from a recognized theological institution from at least one officer of the society.
  • By Section 23 of the Societies Act, each official of the society must submit a certificate of good conduct from the National Police Service.
  • According to Section 23 of the Societies Act, each officer of the society must have a tax compliance or exemption certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • An affidavit from each official stating whether they are officers or registered members of any religious organizations and listing those organizations’ names.
  • A letter of introduction or reference from a religious organization with a valid registration that has been endorsed by any two of its officers.
  • List of the society’s members, along with contact information such as phone numbers and National Identification numbers.
  • 10 members at the very least.
  • The physical location of a church.
  • At least one-third of its representatives must be Kenyan nationals. Provide work permits, alien ID cards, passport photos, and letters of recommendation from the relevant embassies if there are any foreign leaders or officials. Send in the ID cards, passport pictures, and any other pertinent documents for local officials and leaders. 

Kenya’s church laws 

When registering any religious organization, a church constitution is a must. Why is it so crucial, and what does it contain? The following are some things that ought to be in your constitution: 

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  • An organization’s full name and abbreviation 
  • Mission, vision, objectives, motto, statement of faith, core values, and beliefs 
  • Community, membership, categories of membership, and application. 
  • Ordinances and practices Governance, leadership, and management 
  • Dispute resolutions Meetings such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
  • Criteria of appointments 
  • Duties of clergy and other officials 
  • Election regulations 
  • Dissolution process

The Department of Justice’s office of the Attorney General should certify and stamp any constitution via the Register General and Official Receiver.

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