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How To Check The Validity Of A Driving License In Kenya

Driving a motor vehicle in Kenya without a current and valid license is against the law. Following Traffic Act Cap 403, Section 30 (1), “No person shall drive a motor vehicle of any class on a road unless he is the holder of a valid driving license or a provisional license endorsed in respect of that class of vehicle.”

If you don’t want to end up in legal trouble, make sure your driver’s license is up to date.

How To Verify A Driver’s License Is Valid 

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  • Log into the ecitizen portal to use E-citizen.
  •  Visit NTSA services.
  • Verify the licensing list.
  •  The details on the hard copy can be compared to those in the soft copy to ensure accuracy.
  •  If the details are accurate, you will be successful. You won’t be allowed access if you don’t.

How to check the validity of a driving license TIMS Account Utilization

  • Login to your TIMS account.
  • The account will check the holder’s name and account number.
  • The expiration date should match that on the driver’s license. Otherwise, the driver’s license is invalid.

How To Use The NTSA App To Check A Driving License’s Validity

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  • Install the NTSA mobile app.
  • Log in to the app
  •  Enter your ID number in the field for your driver’s license.
  • Tap the verification tab.
  • NTSA will send you a confirmation message, which will say either “Valid” or “Invalid.”

How To Use SMS To Verify The Validity Of A Driving License

The NTSA short number 22846 can be used to check the validity of your driver’s license.

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Create a new message, start the body with DL, then enter the driver’s ID number, and send the message to 22846. There shouldn’t be a gap between the letters ID and the number, as in ID12345678.

How To Verify A Driver’s License Is Valid by visiting the NTSA or Huduma Center offices

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