How to use Worldcoin (Buying and Selling) in Kenya


Worldcoin, a program that lets you create a distinctive digital identity by having an orb camera scan your iris, is now accessible in Kenya. The Worldcoin wallet, which is used to buy and trade cryptocurrencies, is accessible after creating an account with the Worldcoin app. 

The steps below must be followed in order to register a WorldCoin account in Kenya;

  • Get the Worldcoin app for iOS or Android.
  • Register (you can skip this step, but you will lose your coins if you change devices or delete the app).
  • To create a QR code, select the “Begin Orb verification” option.
  • To have an Orb device scan your Iris and verify your identity, go to a verification point or station in your neighborhood.
  • The owner of the Orb device will scan the QR Code that appears on your screen to link your Worldcoin account.
  • You will receive access to the WorldCoin app along with a copy of your WorldCoin ID.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to use the Worldcoin wallet and app. Your national ID number, phone number, and email address are not necessary registration requirements.

Nairobi Worldcoin identity confirmation

By visiting verification stations in Sarit Centre Nairobi, Quickmart Fedha, The Nextgen Mall, Greenspan Mall, Garden City, Quickmart Kilimani, etc. (Find your nearest Orb), you may verify your Worldcoin identity in Kenya for free.

Your biometrics (eye iris) will be checked by the Orbs devices to confirm that you are a real person. After that, a World ID will be given to you. It’s vital to remember that your IRIS image is automatically erased from the network after your iris has been scanned and an ID created.

Purchasing, Selling, and Withdrawing via Mpesa

  • You must first sell your cryptocurrency for dollars in order to withdraw Worldcoins to Mpesa. 
  •  select the dollars menu in your wallet
  •  Go to the Withdraw page
  •  choose Withdraw to Mpesa
  •  enter the desired withdrawal amount in dollars
  •  choose a Mpesa agent 
  •  complete the withdrawal.

Click the deposit tab and add funds to your account to purchase Crypto. To purchase Ethereum, bitcoins, etc., then click the Buy Crypto button.